World Environment Day – 5 June

The world environment day was celebrated throughout the world just with one aim to reduce the growing pollution which is arising because of many factors and primary being the industrialization and  plastic menace.

It is estimated that almost seven million people die each year due to pollution and the number of other living species  vanishing from our earth is still unknown.

Unless there is a sincere effort to start having our trees planted back in the equal numbers which we have destroyed in order to modernize our infrastructure and for laying out highways for a faster mode of transport and other related things.    The trees are our source of oxygen and we are destroying our natural resource in the name of modernization.

What are we doing for our future generations in the name of modernization can become a big threat to all our siblings and there might be only chaos.

Another pollution which is more threatening than the environment is the pollution of mind and heart of humans, which  are being polluted with lots inhuman activities around the world, It is a collective effort and everybody should join hands in cleaning the world which is plagued with hatred and we should plant love in each and every heart for peaceful life as we plant a tree on our mother earth.

This is possible only if everybody removes the false ego which rules the heart and mind and plays selfish – this starts at home…Please plant love which can give oxygen to humanity.

Think Tanks – No Pollution with no Ego’s for saving our mother earth and humanity in general…

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The Need for an Event Horizon for the Internet Black Hole !!

The black hole is the size of one huge black mass which can contain billions of suns and  absorb everything and is ever expanding by sucking away everything which comes in its path like a hurricane – The godly event to cleanse the universe and form a new one – these phenomenon is called Event Horizon

I think there is a need  for creating a similar event  horizon for the Internet but for a good cause – today we can see how vast the internet has grown and is spreading each and every minute. The related activities on the internet has its own positive and negative influences – it is time to remove the negative out of the internet by creating an event horizon for all such activities which create havoc for human lives – The internet is turning itself as the most influential entity after the God  and people who do not believe in god  have started to rely on the Internet so much that they have tied their  lives with the internet – anything or everything is being governed by the Internet and the masters of the internet have become next to god playing with lives of humans, which is a serious concern and threat to humanity.

The internet Event Horizon would help many lives remove the negatives of everything and leave positive and healthy content which will only help and would mask all the negative content.

Hope that this would be taken up before the Black hole of internet absorbs everything and would destroy like how the Black Hole of our Universe is in process of eating up our and many other solar systems !!

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OZONE – Lets rebuild it !!

As everybody is aware, how important Ozone is for us in the stratosphere. The same ozone is harmful for us when it is on earth after reacting with ultra violet pollutants in the atmosphere.

The Ozone has just an additional oxygen atom and also called as tri-oxygen. The need of Ozone layer in the  layer of Stratosphere is evaluated by the scientific community but have ignored the warning it has been giving the humans since past couple of decades, more over the depletion of the same and formation of a hole in this ozone layer has resulted in many climate change and as the time goes by the hole getting evidently larger and larger  – The larger it gets the more dangers we human might face.

Lets have the Ozone rebuild but not on experimental mode otherwise it can be more disastrous for our planet and can than  unstable climatic changes resulting in Axis wobbling and more unpredictable effects on mother earth.

We also need to have all the elements which may produce the extra atom which causes to form the Ozone on our earth atmosphere thereby bringing down effects like damage of lungs, trees and vegetation – even if start planting the trees – this Extra oxygen – Tri – Oxygen or Ozone will destroy the new trees..

Think Tank – Please have an Ozone formula created to safeguard our mother planet earth and save plants, trees and vegetation on our planet.

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2019 – Time to avoid the ” What, When, Who, Where and Why ?? “

Even a small child knows that, a day on our planet is measured by us humans as one single rotation which is of 24 hours – then directly  we measure the rotation of our earth around the Sun as one year – 365 days to be precise and divide it by 12 months. Now the point is even tough our Earth is rotating at 24 hours  cycle, the clocks have not reduced the duration of the second, minute or the hour..but still we all feel that the time is running out and is too fast to catch up with many things which have got left out or unattended or not completed !!!

Have you ever wondered why the time is flying past so fast ??? Time is actually the same but it is the humans who have given it more importance than oneself..we are loosing out to time as it has become our dictator and that dictatorship is governed by demands of people, family, situations and obligations. This time dictator has made us forget our core human existence and what is the main purpose of life’s existence !

Way back thousands of years when people did not have electricity – we humans used many methods of lightening up our environments during the night times and we seldomly were worried about the other dark geographical areas which were not lightened  up as such these areas were rarely visited and had no significance values to the human requirement. These areas during the day was also  abandoned  as it was not important for humans habitats and  humans were least bothered about such areas – we can say that less humans ventured in digging into some unknown areas and were happy in their own shell of life by living a content life.

Today – We have electricity – the light which we get from it has power of  turning even a blind person to see and have the ability to explore the world – not only that, the world is all lightened up and humans can see all the areas of the world and while doing this, we humans do not have time to look into his own personal area of life – This is where the time has become our dictator – it has started ruling our minds to see and explore and try to understand What, When,Who, Where and Why of this world.

We have been wasting our important time by giving  importance to spending our precious life in these What, Who, When, Where and Why ?? Why not find out a mechanized way of spending the time and not waste it on which are not important for”habitat” purpose as people used to do in good old early days of not lightening up the less explored areas on the geography of the earth ??

It is time to understand the TIME – The major cause may be that the rotations of the earth around itself might  have slightly changed or rotations around the Sun might have got altered or the axis itself at which the earth is rotating have got misaligned – The space explorers need to find out but will they have any data pertaining to how it was rotating thousands of years earlier ???

Think tank – it is time to arrest time and make the human lives a lot more meaningful of living life without the dictatorship ruling the minds but we humans controlling it accordingly  by finding the root cause and safeguard the thinkers !!

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Arecibo message – universal message from earthlings ??

On 16th November 1974, A Arecibo message which is considered as an interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth was beamed into a distinct globular star cluster M13 which is 25,000 light years away in the hope that the extraterrestrial intelligence  in the universe would decipher it and communicate back to earthlings !!

I presume, we earthlings are also  in search of such a message from our extraterrestrial beings which might have got beamed into our solar system so that we may decipher it -Is it the word of god ?? have we really deciphered it ??

What has happened to Humanity ?? by sending out this arecibo message, we want the extraterrestrial to know that we all are humans – earthlings living on this earth and there is a  population of 4 billion of such earthlings on this planet ?

Now, why has this discrimination  among humans or earthlings has grown and why earthlings have started to fight over Earth’s geographic demography, caste, creed. color, race etc..etc… WHY ???

Let’s unite in the name of earthlings and behave as humans and explore the universe to find if we have any such message getting beamed and the way to decipher it – The deciphering of the extraterrestrial message may require a bigger and broader spectrum and might even be beyond the known spectrum of light.

Lets see and explore the past prophesies that have really come true in sense of earth and its existence  and us earthlings !! was there a message already delivered to us –  humans and earthlings ?? we are already witnessing the global warming changes and the frequent disaster  which is showing its effect all over the world

Think tank  –  time to gear up so that we earthlings send out peace messages of live and let live on our earth for all our earthlings and then look beyond our earth or our solar systems !!

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Children’s Day – 14th November

Children’s Day – which is celebrated on 14th November each year needs an introspective look  –

Children are living beings – more living than grown-up people who have built shells of habit around themselves. Therefore it is absolutely necessary for their mental health and development that they should not have mere schools for their lessons, but a world whose guiding spirit is personal love. – Rabindranath Tagore

Personal Love is given by children’s -Parents, Brothers, sisters and all other family members – But today, there is hardly time for the parents and their siblings for interaction as they are lost in their own world wasting precious time for nothing – useless things which do not have any importance in life have dominated and have drifted both apart from being connected with each other,  spiritually saying.

Parents  are loosing their children and children are loosing their parents  in today’s hectic world in the name of being busy for want of more wealth, fame, position etc…But where is love ?? it is lost in the false hope of making something more meaningful to life for the children …

Can we ever figure out what we want out of life ???? We all were children once upon a time.

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Nuclear Disarmament – No Threat but Peace  should be the new thought process for the humanity !!

Amidst the growing threat of Global Warming and severe calamities  our earth is facing, we humans are on the verge of threatening ourselves which is most invalid in the awake of the Natural Threat !!

As such our planet earth is on the brink of extinction,  I have been writing about the OND   phenomenon   (October -November -December )  since a long time, this  time also, I can predict that we will  witness  again a numbers of devastating calamities happening  – with earthquakes, Cyclones, Tsunamis and other natural disasters looming large and in the coming two months, it will shake off our dear earth in a state of shock and devastation and might take years and years to rebuild and the loss would be so enormous that humans would find themselves in a tight spot and everybody would turn to each other to help the humanity in general – We can  presently see how the oceans of the world are restless and it is just the beginning of natural horror which we would witness shortly.   Our Super Powers should put an end to the Nuclear Cold war for once and  all.

Is the human threat bigger and more threatening  than the natural threat ?? The answer is no !!! We should work towards the natural  threats rather than bullying each other for some demographic supremacy and be humanly in our approach in resolving the natural crisis with perseverance  and grit with getting our technology and satellites in the earth’s orbit into the most wanted job of screening of our planet from the space and analyse when these natural disaster would strike and how to ensure the humans lives as much as possible and avert major catastrophic scourge happening – Safe guarding  is essential for humans rather than threatening as it might wipe out the intellectuals and people who most matter !!

Think Tank  – It is an urgent call far for averting a bigger crises than our super nations fighting for Nuclear supremacy as No human  on earth would advocate for such supremacy  – This needs to be put to an end once and for all!!

No Threat  but Peace  should be the new thought process for the humanity !!

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