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MANSUR ARIF SHAMSI – Proprietor - Comfort Designs Inc.  A solution and performance driven Consultant with nearly 20 year’s significant and progressive experience in Consultation , Project Management, Quality Processes and Process Development .  With Core competencies in Consultation, Project Management; ISO standards; Process Improvement, Transitioning and Standard Compliance.  Extensive experience in Implementing technical and business development solutions for Government bodies and large multinational companies.  Analytical problem-solver with demonstrated ability to consult and manage huge projects from planning through execution/completion under the pressure of fast-paced, time-sensitive environments.  Articulate communicator who can fluently speak the languages of both people and technology, blending technical expertise with exceptional interpersonal skills.  Aptitude to analyze and translate complex solution requirements and business problems and design/implement innovative custom solutions.  A motivated achiever, who exceeds goals, has been promoted regularly, earned highest customer satisfaction rating and has garnered numerous awards several times for meeting customer and company’s expectations.  A Resourceful and creative problem-solver.  - Freelance Journalist - - Call me on 9663699189

OZONE – Lets rebuild it !!

As everybody is aware, how important Ozone is for us in the stratosphere. The same ozone is harmful for us when it is on earth after reacting with ultra violet pollutants in the atmosphere. The Ozone has just an additional … Continue reading

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2019 – Time to avoid the ” What, When, Who, Where and Why ?? “

Even a small child knows that, a day on our planet is measured by us humans as one single rotation which is of 24 hours – then directly  we measure the rotation of our earth around the Sun as one … Continue reading

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Arecibo message – universal message from earthlings ??

On 16th November 1974, A Arecibo message which is considered as an interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth was beamed into a distinct globular star cluster M13 which is 25,000 light years away in the hope … Continue reading

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Children’s Day – 14th November

Children’s Day – which is celebrated on 14th November each year needs an introspective look  – Children are living beings – more living than grown-up people who have built shells of habit around themselves. Therefore it is absolutely necessary for … Continue reading

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Nuclear Disarmament – No Threat but Peace  should be the new thought process for the humanity !!

Amidst the growing threat of Global Warming and severe calamities  our earth is facing, we humans are on the verge of threatening ourselves which is most invalid in the awake of the Natural Threat !! As such our planet earth … Continue reading

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Gandhiji – A Mind Full of Divine Thoughts with Excellence and Honor

Presenting the legendary Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhiji – A Man with Peace Mission Nobody can hurt me without my permission. An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. Be the change you want to see in … Continue reading

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World Tourism Day – The Need for a Economical World Tour Package

Today 27th September 2018, is celebrated as World Tourism Day and the venue designated is  Budapest, Hungary by the World Tourism Organisation.  Imagine what would happen if it becomes an international event for people meeting at a single location and  concluding … Continue reading

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