Arecibo message – universal message from earthlings ??

On 16th November 1974, A Arecibo message which is considered as an interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth was beamed into a distinct globular star cluster M13 which is 25,000 light years away in the hope that the extraterrestrial intelligence  in the universe would decipher it and communicate back to earthlings !!

I presume, we earthlings are also  in search of such a message from our extraterrestrial beings which might have got beamed into our solar system so that we may decipher it -Is it the word of god ?? have we really deciphered it ??

What has happened to Humanity ?? by sending out this arecibo message, we want the extraterrestrial to know that we all are humans – earthlings living on this earth and there is a  population of 4 billion of such earthlings on this planet ?

Now, why has this discrimination  among humans or earthlings has grown and why earthlings have started to fight over Earth’s geographic demography, caste, creed. color, race etc..etc… WHY ???

Let’s unite in the name of earthlings and behave as humans and explore the universe to find if we have any such message getting beamed and the way to decipher it – The deciphering of the extraterrestrial message may require a bigger and broader spectrum and might even be beyond the known spectrum of light.

Lets see and explore the past prophesies that have really come true in sense of earth and its existence  and us earthlings !! was there a message already delivered to us –  humans and earthlings ?? we are already witnessing the global warming changes and the frequent disaster  which is showing its effect all over the world

Think tank  –  time to gear up so that we earthlings send out peace messages of live and let live on our earth for all our earthlings and then look beyond our earth or our solar systems !!


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