Gandhiji – A Mind Full of Divine Thoughts with Excellence and Honor

Presenting the legendary Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhiji – A Man with Peace Mission

  1. Nobody can hurt me without my permission.
  2. An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
  3. Be the change you want to see in the world.
  4. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
  5. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
  6. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

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    Best Gandhi Quotes

  7. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
  8. Prayer is the key of the morning and bolt of the evening.
  9. You must not lose hope in humanity. Humanity is a Ocean; if a few drops of ocean are dirty, the ocean doesn’t become dirty.
  10. It is the health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.
  11. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
  12. Without actions, you are not going anywhere.
  13. The future depends on what we do in the present.
  14. Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
  15. Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.
  16. I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.
  17. You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.
  18. Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.
  19. An ounce of practice is worth more than preaching.
  20. I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.
  21. You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.
  22. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way in which its animals are treated.
  23. The more efficient a force is, the more silent and the more subtle it is.
  24. Sacrifice that causes pain is no sacrifice at all. True sacrifice is joy – giving and uplifting.
  25. A man nothing is but a product of his thoughts, he become what he thinks.
  26. The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane.
  27. If we are to teach real peace to this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall begin with the children.
  28. Happiness is looking into the mirror and liking what you see.
  29. A ‘no’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.
  30. Education should be so revolutionized as to answer the wants of the poorest villager, instead of answering those of an imperial exploiter
  31. By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit.
  32. Basic education links the children, whether of the cities or the villages, to all that is best and lasting in India.
  33. True education must correspond to the surrounding circumstances or it is not a healthy growth.
  34. What is really required to make democracy function is not knowledge of facts, but right education.
  35. If we want to reach real peace in the world, we should start educating children.
  36. Literacy in itself is no education. Literacy is not the end of education or even the beginning. By education, I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man-body, mind and spirit.
  37. And so I plead for non-violence and yet more nonviolence. I do so not without knowledge but with sixty years’ experience behind me.
  38. Violence will be violence for all time, and all violence is sinful. But what is inevitable, is not only declared the inevitable violence involved in killing for sacrifice as permissible but even regarded it as meritorious.
  39. It is no easy thing to walk on the sharp sword-edge of ahimsa in this world which is full of Ahimsa. Wealth does not help; anger is the enemy of ahimsa, and pride is a monster that swallows it up. In this strait and narrow observance of this religion of ahimsa, one has often to know so-called himsa as the truest form of ahimsa.
  40. We can only win over the opponent by love, never by hate. Hate is the subtlest form of violence. We cannot be really nonviolent and yet have hate in us.
  41. Ahimsa is the extreme limit of forgiveness. But forgiveness is the quality of the brave. Ahimsa is impossible without fearlessness.
  42. Non-violence and cowardice go ill together. I can imagine a fully armed man to be at heart a coward. Possession of arms implies an element of fear, if not cowardice. But true non-violence is an impossibility without the possession of unadulterated fearlessness.
  43. You need not be afraid that the method of nonviolence is a slow long-drawn-out process. It is the swiftest the world has seen, for it is the surest.
  44. Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.
  45. Anger is the enemy of non-violence and pride is a monster that swallows it up
  46. Non-violence and truth are inseparable and presuppose one another.
  47. Non-violence requires a double faith, faith in God and also faith in man.
  48. Non-violence is not a garment to be put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart, and it must be an inseparable part of our being.
  49. Non-violence, which is the quality of the heart, cannot come by an appeal to the brain.
  50. My religion is based on truth and non-violence. Truth is my God. Non-violence is the means of realizing him.
  51. Non-violence is the article of faith.

Our World – The Earth have majority of Humans who appreciate and want to live peacefully with these ideology but there are few who curb the liberty of live and let live in order to gain for their own selfish motives which destroy the basic human values and existence.  The need of the hour is to look at saving human values and retrospect  the proverb “Stitch in time – Saves Nine” !!


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